To produce excellent oil, the fundamental requirement is respect. Respect for the plant – the olive tree – and for the land in which it lives. Respect for the fruit – the olives – during their formation, growth, harvest and storage before milling. Respect for the oil throughout the entire process of extraction and conservation.Extra virgin olive oil from Romanelli begins its journey in our olive grove, where we cultivate according to organic agricultural principles. Principles that allow the plant to experience balanced and steady development over time, without force or imbalances due to the use of chemical substances. It is from olives harvested whole by hand at the perfect point of ripeness, and cold pressing (without exceeding 27°C), that exceptionally high quality oil is obtained. And the extremely low levels of acidity and peroxides combined with the high content of antioxidants confer a rich, delicate taste and assure it will last.

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